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  • Filling in the Void: The Joyner/Giuffrida Collection at Work

    When she started collecting, Pamela Joyner was looking for art she enjoyed. She wanted to embellish the homes she shares with husband Alfred Giuffrida. The mission to reframe art history came later. Joyner had always appreciated abstraction, and she was drawn to black abstract painters. So, she began researching and learning more about the artists […]

    Melanie Martin | 09.19.2019
  • A Secret Map and Layers of Meaning

    “Here I have a story about the Emancipation of people in needle and thread and fabric,” Joyce J. Scott has said about Plantation, a quilt that her mother created.   Plantation depicts two perspectives—one of a starry night sky, and the other of the fields below—collapsed together into a single composition. The constellation of stars […]

    Melanie Martin | 05.15.2019

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