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  • Joan Mitchell’s Weeds, 1976

    When Xavier Fourcade visited Joan Mitchell at La Tour in June 1976 to lay the groundwork for her exhibition at his New York gallery that fall, Weeds was well underway but not quite finished, as a photograph of Fourcade in Mitchell’s studio attests: the painting leans against the wall behind him, its two panels pushed […]

    Cecilia Wichmann | 07.05.2022
  • Spray Paint, Surprise, and Wonder

    Looking at the work of Katharina Grosse What?! She made that with paint? That’s a lot of paint! She did that on a house?! These are the reactions I received when I showed my young daughters a photograph of Katharina Grosse’s Rockaway, the artist’s 2016 commission for MoMA PS1—a transformation of the derelict Fort Tilden […]

    Virginia Anderson | 04.10.2020
  • How the Black Abstract Exhibition Moves America Away from Anemic Art History

    Editor’s Note: This essay was originally written for a guidebook that accompanies Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art. The book is available for free to all exhibition visitors. You can read more from Bridget R. Cooks in her award-winning book Exhibiting Blackness. With the occasion of Generations: A History of Black Abstract Art comes […]

    Bridget R. Cooks | 10.03.2019
  • A Secret Map and Layers of Meaning

    “Here I have a story about the Emancipation of people in needle and thread and fabric,” Joyce J. Scott has said about Plantation, a quilt that her mother created.   Plantation depicts two perspectives—one of a starry night sky, and the other of the fields below—collapsed together into a single composition. The constellation of stars […]

    Melanie Martin | 05.15.2019

Woodlawn Vase: The Prize of Preakness

Drawn To: Charles Mason III Reflects on Sister Lu by Mark di Suvero

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